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What we really do?

“If your price is good I will buy from you”, “Can you give us all the products we want”, “I don’t want to split my order”, “Will you deliver to our shop/store”, “Your salesmen don’t come to our territory”, Can you give us credit, we will pay tomorrow”, “But you only sale on cash!”

These are genuine concerns from the Big Alhaja, Mama Ekene, Mallam Isa, and Tony the Procurement Lead at the big supermarket. To address these hydra-headed challenges, Hydramarts is set to solve these real-life everyday issues with real people knowing that every merchant, retailer, and consumer has a need to be met, be it profit, enjoying quality products, good customer relationship experience, or prompt product delivery. We at Hydramarts have only one customer and that is you and our service offering is to help you mitigate these challenges from end to end in all your food, beverages, nutrition, personal care, hygienic disposable care, beauty, and other consumer products. This is our promise and who we are.

Our Vision

To be a part of our customers’ everyday life by providing them with products and services that add comfort to their living.

Our Mission

To offer our customers better products, services and support on target, on budget and on time.

What can we do for you ?


Assisting Our Customers
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Our Products Are Branded, and we work and sell the best of the best products in Nigeria

Use our fastest possible delivery option to get your most urgent delivered intact and on time.

you can reach out to us at support@hydramarts.com

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We have been satisfying a lot of customers over the years both physically and online